Dormer Painting

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When dormer painting you may come across some problems, like I did!

dormer painting

As a decorator that mainly works on interior decorating, I recently took on an outdoor painting job as there had been very little work in the last 10 weeks due to the COVID outbreak.

When I originally looked at this job I was under the impression that my triple extension ladder would reach the front of the dormer above the window and I would be able to reach to paint the window frames and I would just have to find a way to paint the sides.

To cut a long story short, there are two windows on the right and two on the left, the right hand side was doable in the way mentioned however it was impossible to reach the sides.

I even tried a one piece roof ladder that I borrowed and it wouldn’t even reach the apex!

In the end I had to resort to a paintbrush holder on the end of an paint roller extension pole.

It doesn’t require much imagination to see how difficult it was to paint the frames from the edge of the roofline on top of a ladder. And then to do the same with masonry paint on the sides.

It took about 2 mins before my shoulders were burning from the lactic acid build up. Never the less they got done and the only downside was you couldn’t cut in around the edges.

The only helpful thing was that if you went inside you could reach the lower half of the windows.

Moral of the story, Price in a cherry picker and then you overcome the problem all together.