Dulux Business Advice hub launched

Dulux Business Advice hub launched 1As the industry wrestles with the continued impact of Coronavirus, Dulux Trade has launched an online support hub exclusively for painters and decorators.

Providing expert advice and training, it aims, says Dulux, to equip businesses with the skills and information to overcome current challenges and emerge stronger as restrictions are lifted.

It comes as new research carried out by Dulux Trade reveals that as many as one quarter (24%) of the nation’s painters and decorators have had to leave the industry temporarily as a result of the crisis.

That could see the workforce shrink by over 100,000 from a previous total of 438,000*.

While many are hopeful of returning as restrictions are lifted, close to one in 10 (7.8%), or 34,000, are at risk of being forced to abandon the profession for good.

Says Dulux “To offset this and attempt to keep as many businesses active as we see an easing of lockdown restrictions, the new Dulux Trade hub will offer a variety of resources for the professional.

These include:

  • Expert advice on how to ensure professionals are ready to restart when the time is right for them
  • Practical free-of-charge training courses for decorators from the Dulux Academy
  • Guides to the support available from the Government

The Dulux Trade research also discovered the extent to which demand has shrunk – with a decline of 77% in the domestic sector and 49% over all.

The vast majority (80%) of jobs have been postponed rather than cancelled outright – primarily due to the difficulties in maintaining adequate social distancing in the work environment.

Rebecca Orton, Marketing Communications Lead at Dulux Trade says: “We know that the situation is having a devastating financial impact on decorators with nearly four in ten (39%) saying they are ‘just getting by’ financially and half (49%) worried they do not have enough savings to support themselves until they receive Government aid.

“It’s clear that many are experiencing real hardship at the moment.

“We are determined to help the nation’s professional decorators get their businesses back on track in a way that’s safe for everyone now restrictions are easing.”

Dulux Business Advice hub launched

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