Dulux launches Scuffshield

Dulux launches Scuffshield 1Dulux Trade has introduced Scuffshield Matt an advanced anti-scuff formulated coating.

The product is said to offer scuff resistance performance up to six times better than standard matt wall paint and up to three times better than a standard durable matt.

It is designed to reduce the impact of plastic and rubber materials on the paint surface to protect walls against scuff marks from everyday items like shoes and bags.

The development of the product was led by Gary Jefferson, EMEA Interior Wall Paints R&D Manager, who explains: “Creating a really smooth surface at a microscopic level is the key to lessening scuffing on walls.

“This helps to reduce the impact from items known to cause scuff marks and lessen deposits of material behind left on the paint film.”

Scuffshield Matt is available in the full Dulux Trade tinted colour range – offering a wide choice of colours to meet any customer requirement.

Dulux launches Scuffshield

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Dulux launches Scuffshield 2