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external painters and decorators Worcester UK

So we can provide Exterior Painting Worcestershire UK for your house as we are external painters and decorators.

External decorating FAQ’s

Q. Do I provide the paint when having my house exterior decorated?

A. Not necessarily but you are welcome to get it yourself if you want to. Make sure you get a well-known brand that is good quality such as Dulux Weathershield

Q. What type of paint do I need?

A. There are three main types of exterior paint­; for masonry wood and metal. For stone or brick, you will need a masonry paint. Or if you need For metal or wood you can use a Weathershield type of paint which can give you up to 6 year’s protection. Don’t skimp on the quality, outdoor paint adds much-­needed protection to surfaces that have to weather the elements.

Q. What colour paint can I have?

A. Masonry paint comes in a wide range of colours. Many people have white but you can pretty much get whatever you want.

Q. Can you paint rendered houses?

A. Yes we can paint rendered houses whether they are smooth or rough

Q. How much will my decorating be?

A. Every job is different so we will need to have a look at the painting required to give you an accurate decorating quote.

External painter decorator Worcester UK.

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Worcester UK external house painting
Worcester UK external house painting

It may be that you would like to do your external decorating yourself so here is some useful information to make your exterior decorating a success. 

Preparing an exterior wall for painting can be messy and there are some hazards so wear gloves, close-fitting eye protection and a breathing mask. Throughout the job use a medium to stiff bristle hand brush to give the wall a thorough brush to remove any surface dirt and loose paint then use a scraper to remove any flaking paint or loose masonry. Then brush down again if necessary if the wall is really dirty you may need to scrub it with diluted household detergent and rinse it off with clean water.

Don’t let the water get into air vents or boiler flue outlets if the surface has loose render large cracks or other major defects you’ll need to call in a builder for specialist advice if the surface has small cracks or small areas of damaged render you can repair these using a suitable external filler we’re going to use this ready-mix filler but you can also buy powder fillers that you mix on site ensure the damaged area is free from loose material.

Slightly dampen the area to be filled ideally using a spray bottle use the corner of a filler knife to form an inverted V shape along the surface of any crack. This will help the filler to stay in place.
Stir the filler in the tub until it’s creamy in consistency
Apply the filler to the damaged area with a filling knife and smooth off with a wet filling knife if the crack or damaged area is less than ten millimetres you should be able to fill it in one go if it’s deeper than ten millimetres you’ll need to build up in layers leaving each layer to dry between applications.

Once it’s all dry you can sand down as required.

If your wall has surface growth like mold or algae, remove as much of this as possible by scraping brushing and washing treat the area with fungicidal wash this should be done during dry weather.
Mix thoroughly by shaking the container. apply the solution by brush to all the affected areas leave for hours and then thoroughly rinse and scrub with clean water

Remove residues and dead growth if your wall is badly affected by lichen, seek specialist advice.

If your wall is porous chalky or badly weathered you’ll need to prime it with a stabilising solution it’s easy to apply quick drying and provides a good base for the paint.

Shake the container then apply to the affected area using a large paintbrush don’t dilute the solution or mix it with the paint one coat should be sufficient allow to dry before you apply the paint.

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