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We also do fence painting if required. We Cover Stratford upon Avon, Bidford and Alcester Areas so please give us a call if you need your fence painting. 07812 109727


Fence Painting smartens up the garden


Cuprinol “Shades” Colours

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Cuprinol “Ducks Back” Colours

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Ronseal “Fence Life” Colours

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Before you paint your shed or fence tie back any climbing plants or shrubs nearby, you may need to cover vulnerable plants to protect them. Look for any signs of damage such as rot or a loose slat or trim. If you find any fixes before you start, painting use a medium to stiff bristle hand brush to give the surfaces a good, thorough, clean if the surfaces are heavily soiled with dirt or algae, you need to scrub them with a diluted, general-purpose household, cleaner, then rinse with Water and allow to dry something the treatments are suitable for all types of wood. Others are only suitable for rough sawn. Timber check the manufacturer’s instructions we’re going to be using this timber care product, it’s rain proof in two hours and is recommended for rough sawn timber.

To give you an idea of how much of this product you might need this five liter tub should be more than enough to paint this shed or cover six fence. Panel sides read the guidance on the top and check that the weather conditions are suitable, always wear protective clothing, rubber, gloves and eye goggles. If you’re painting over a hard surface or a surface, that you want to protect, put down a protective sheet, flatten some old cardboard boxes and put them on top of your protective sheet as you paint, this will help to soak up any drops that hit the sheet. You’Ll need a shed and fence brush and a smaller paintbrush that you can use for cutting in and getting into corners, use, masking tape and newspaper to cover any handles locks and windows. So you don’t need to worry about getting any paint on them.

Stir the timber care thoroughly before use first, try a test area to ensure that you’re happy with the color and to check that the product takes to the surface brush the timber care on evenly working along the grain of the timber pay special attention to any exposed Areas of end grain timber, the end grain is where rot is most likely to occur. So let the timber soak in as much of the timber care as it once without starting to run off, allow the timber care to dry if a deeper color is required. More coats can be applied under normal weather conditions, allow 2 to 4 hours between coats for more ideas and no he’ll visit DIY com. You