Major upgrade for QTech Spray website

Major upgrade for QTech Spray website 1QTech has released a significant upgrade to its website which includes what is claimed to be an industry-unique feature – the ability to match any product from its ‘Spray For the Decorator’ range with the nearest stockist.

Simplicity is key to the design of the website. Two clicks, and the stockists nearest to the user’s location are displayed. One more click, and a list of stockists for a manually selected location will be displayed.

Stephen Taylor from QTech said “This is a real game changer. Take a scenario which we know is so common. A guy is out there on a job – finds he needs a different tip and some filters. A quick browse and he can see all the nearby dealers. Choose one – give them a call to check stock, and he’s back in business. Job done.

“Dealers are critical to us here at QTech. There has been a lot of time and expense put in from our valued network of dealers across the UK and Ireland – this is one way that we can show our appreciation”.

Major upgrade for QTech Spray website

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