Sadolin’s Summer School

Sadolin’s Summer School 1Sadolin brought a splash of colour to the great outdoors for the pupils of St Georges CE Primary School in Bromley, Kent last summer.

The colourful playground was the brainchild of TV gardener Danny Clarke, with Orpington Crown Decorating Centre donating 12 litres of high performance Sadolin Superdec, an opaque, water-based woodcare paint that is available in a wide range of colours.

A team of volunteers applied the paint in an repeating stripe pattern, using light blue, pink, orange, yellow, purple and white colours on the playground’s wooden picket fence, the timber that forms the raised beds in the school’s garden, and even on recycled tyres that the school used as planters.

The use of colour was key to the vision of the project, which looked to transform a dreary outdoor space into a stimulating and fun science garden where the children of St Georges can learn as well as play, long into the future.

Sadolin Superdec creates a solid colour finish which is weather resistant to UV light and water.

Sadolin’s Summer School

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Sadolin’s Summer School 2