tesa creates online paint spraying hub

tesa creates online paint spraying hub 1Masking tape manufacturer, tesa, have launched a new spraying hub on their website following the launch of their new paint spraying masking range.

The hub features a series of ‘how-to’ videos presented by Nick Sammut, of Rushmoor Painting and Decorating, who is a long-standing user of tesa masking tapes.

The guides and videos focus on the most common and some of the most tricky areas that need masking whilst spray painting including, ‘masking bannisters to spray spindles’, ‘masking walls to spray doors’ and ‘masking windows when spraying outdoors’. The handy guides also ensure sprayers select the right products for the right job which is vital to the finished result.

Nick comments: “Preparation is so important when using tapes because if the areas being masked haven’t been prepared properly before painting the adhesion of the paint will be weak and there is a high chance of the paint peeling when the tape is removed.”

Anthony Asparassa, Marketing & Communications Manager for Consumer and Craftsmen at tesa UK comments: “We’re delighted to be able to offer these additional resources on our spraying hub for both experienced sprayers and those just getting started. Choosing the right masking tapes and taking the time to complete proper preparation can be the difference between a 2-day job and a 3-4 day job – saving sprayers time and money.”

He continues, “We are working on more exciting additions for the hub which will be released later this year and can’t wait to help sprayers further their offering – stay tuned!”

tesa creates online paint spraying hub

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