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When you need commercial painting in Worcester, no job is too big or too small for the experts at WPD. Our team offers a full range of interior and exterior painting services for local businesses throughout Worcester. We understand that a painting project can be disruptive to your business, and work to ensure that a project timeline is set in place so we can minimise the disruption to your business operations.

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When choosing painters for your business, there are many advantages to choosing an experienced company. We have established proven methods, business practices, and processes that are seamless. You can rest assured that your project will be completed on time and to your satisfaction.

We provide exceptional quality painting services for:

  • Fitness centers
  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Medical facilities

Our painters have the skill and experience to ensure that commercial painting jobs are completed quickly and to a high standard.

We make sure they have the best quality materials and equipment to handle any interior or exterior painting project with the highest level of professional service.

 Our commercial painters have exceptional painting skills and a keen eye for detail to provide beautiful results.

If you are planning to paint the interior or exterior of your commercial building, call 07812 109727 to discuss your project.

Commercial painting and decorating - DIY 

Maybe you would like to try doing what commercial painters and decorators Worcester do. So here is some information to help you with your preparation.

Hi, I’m Kevin O’Donnell and I’m a product trainer for crown paints and I specialise in Sandtex trade exterior products and today we’ll be looking at the preparation and pretreatment.

As any professional painter and decorator will know 80% of any job is down to the preparation and if you get that right everything else should fall into place this will lead to the longevity of any paint system that will actually go over the top.

We pride ourselves on a system approach. Sandtex trade have formulated products that complement one another when used as part of a system and this could be down to the pretreatment the product supplied and the actual aftercare in their use.

From the system required that be determined on this substrate this could be new it could be previously decorated could be old or undecorated but also it could be determined down to the weather conditions of where the location is not forgetting access now this may require steps ladders even scaffolding

Every project needs to be taken on an individual basis depending on the surface there’s a variety of different ways that you can approach the preparation now this could be done with a scraper or it could be done with a stiff bristle brush or it could be done with high-pressure water jetting sandblasting or chemical remover.

This could be determined on budget or access if your surfaces been decorated in the past is quite likely that it could be flaking and for this you can actually use a stiff bristle brush and a scraper we don’t recommend the use of a wire brush because the wires can snap off and embed into the substrate you also may recognise some other faults that may need to be addressed this could be damp mould cracks or even the surface being chalky

Once you’ve cleaned the surface back to a sound edge you may notice that there could be more growth. Now to tackle this you can use Sandtex trade fungicidal solution but as it’s a concentrated formulation we’d recommend that you wear hand and eye protection. You remove all visible spawns with the stiff bristle brush and a scraper and then you can apply the Sandtex trade fungicide in our diluted formulation, now this would consist of two parts water and one part of the Sandtex trade fungicide. You apply this to the surface as a deluge application and leave for 24 hours. After the 24 hours it needs to be thoroughly rinsed off because potentially dead spores can germinating. We also recommend that you apply this with a synthetic brush and not a bristle brush and nor with a roller or spray application.

When assessing the surface it may become apparent that you may need to use a stabilising solution. Now this could be down to whether it’s been previously decorated and the best way to test this is to rub your hand across a surface and if it’s chalky then that would determine that it

requires stabilising solution. Now it could very well be the case that it may be an undecorated surface with suction which again would probably need a stabilising solution.

Now we in our portfolio actually do two types we do a water-based and a solvent based one. The water-based product the beauty of that particular product is that it dries within four to six hours with our soul born traditional alternative this one dries in 16 hours they’re both a deluge application by brush and we wouldn’t suggest using a roller or by spray.

If you have hairline or movement cracks then essentially these need to be addressed Santex trade offer two types of fillers the first filler is already mixed filler now this is more designed for the smaller area either masonry or timber and essentially when you open the lid you’ll notice a membrane and with this clear membrane is essentially designed to stop the product drying out so during use.

Once you finish using it replace the membrane before you actually replace the Lid before applying the the filler what you would need to do is to rake out the hairline crack to ensure that it’s clean.

Once you’ve done that then you can use a filling knife or scraper It’s a buttering the filler and a right angle to the actual edge of the crack and then you’d actually smooth off and the idea is that you match to the surrounding area now you can either wet the blade to make it smooth or you can use a damp sponge to texture it and once

That’s all done and it’s the surface is dried you’re probably fine it’s extremely hard so we wouldn’t recommend that you try to leave everything to the last minute and also once it is dried it

is entirely waterproof for shallow or deeper cracks then Santex trade offer the alternative and this is the Easiplast  now this is cement paste it consists of fine silver sand and powder polymers and as a rule of thumb with regard to mixing is two parts of the product and one part water now depending on the consistency it is still crumbling you can actually just add a bit more water to get it to the right sticky consistency.

Once it’s mixed and sticky it needs to be finished in exactly the same way his already mixed filler. Once it’s dry it offers a very high-performance durable finish for the more serious movement cracks Sandtex trade offers another alternative, now this will consist of that polyester membrane and the membrane primer and this will offer far more flexibility over a larger area but I’ll cover this off later on in the series under the Sandtex trade high build ultimate crack repair video.

Preparation is key to anything that sometimes it’s down to the substrate and one of the potential problems that we sometimes come across is the common flatten brick. This is what a common thread and bring looks like and with any of our products and pre treatments we don’t recommend this being used over the top oh this is giving you a deeper insight into the preparation and pretreatment and I look forward to seeing you again soon in the other videos of this is Sandtex for free help advice and stockist please call the number on screen to speak to our dedicated Sandtex trade team.

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